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The Campus Activities Board (CAB) was created to provide a variety of entertainment, co-curricular programming, and social activities for the student body at UC Merced in order to create a social network and community that will enhance the development of character and scholarship amongst students.

The ASUCM Campus Activities Board is currently under the direction of ASUCM's Director of Student Activities Sophia Velazquez, and the Vice Chair of Student Activities Anthony Reyes. If information about future events or about joining the Campus Activities Board is needed, contact Jim Greenwood, the organization's advisor. Feel free to send us a message through our CONTACT page, the contact information for Sophia, Anthony and Jim are all provided as well.


UC Merced's Campus Activities Board's annual events include CABapalooza, CABcinema, Drag Queen Bingo, Treats N' Beats, Bobcats Got Talent, CAB Ball, Dance Off, CABsterical and Cowchella! To learn more about these events, feel free to look through our EVENTS pages. We incorporate Passion, Hospitality, Innovation, and Leadership into our events, which are our values known as PHIL.

Drag Queen Bingo Fall 2022
Treats N' Beats 2022
CAB Banquet 2022
CABapalooza 2019
CABCinema 2019
Bobcats Got Talent 2019
CABapalooza 2019
CABsterical 2019
Treats N' Beats 2021
Treats N' Beats 2022
Treats N' Beats 2021
Secret Santa 2021
Cowchella 2022
Enchanted Ball 2023
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