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Cabapalooza is a student-run event at UC Merced. The goal and purpose of this event is to instill passion, hospitality, innovation, and leadership among the student body. The event provides a secure environment for students to form friendships and socialize. The Campus Activities Board invites students to participate in obstacle courses, picnic games, and live entertainment, as well as providing refreshments, during this event.

0002CB - Main Flyer
CABapalooza 2015

CABapalooza 2015 Performances by: - Charles Nguyen - Melvin Sings! - Joseph Tran - Chris Banaga - Jeremy Passion

CABapalooza 2016

CABapalooza 2016 Performances by: - Matt Beilis - Derik Nelson & Family

CABapalooza 2017

CABapalooza 2017: Travis Atreo

CABapalooza 2018

CABapalooza 2018 Performances by: - Vindata - Kiana Lede

CABapalooza 2019

CABapalooza 2019 Performance by Javier Colon

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