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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get more involved with CAB?

You can get involved with CAB through attending our events. If you wish to become a member, applications will be released and further information will be shared with the public through our social media and through CatLife. You can also become a VIP (FAQ # 4).


How do I contact CAB?

You can contact CAB through messaing or through directly going to our website's CONTACT page and we will get to your website as soon as we can. If you need an answer right away, you can also shoot us a direct message on our Instagram account through @ucmcab. 


Are there other ways to get information about CAB?

If you wish to know more about CAB that may have not been on this website, feel free to message any of our Cabbies, or you can visit our CAB Advisor (FAQ # 10) if you wish to get information that you cannot get from our Cabbies. 


What do I need to bring to a CAB event?

You must always bring your CatCard to all our events. There may be events that require you to just simply wear a wristband (such as Cowchella, Treats N'Beats). 


Is there parking at your events?

Students should be guided accordingly by the university's policies as to where they can/cannot park during our events (For more information, visit Transportation and Parking Services website). 


I want to join CAB! How do I get started?

That sounds amazing and we are more than happy to hear from you! Make sure to keep an eye out for our social media posts. No previous experience is necessarily needed. If you embody Passion, Hospitality, Innovation, and Leadership, CAB is the perfect place for you. 


What are the upcoming events?

Our last two events are Cowchella and CABsterical. Make sure to follow us on all our social media accounts to be informed. You can easily access these events by going through our #CAB in the website. 


What is the VIP Program?

The Volunteers-In-Programming Program, better known as the VIP Program, is an opportunity for students who failed to apply during the beginning of the academic year or for those who wish to see how CAB works. The VIP Program is usually opened during the Spring semester. 


Can I bring a non-UCM student to a CAB event?

Each event is unique. There are events such as Winter Ball, Treats N Beats, and Cowchella that CAB does not allow non-UCM students to attend our events. If you wish to get more information about the events and our restrictions, feel free to contact us through our various means of communication found in our CONTACT US page. 


Can I request special/accessibility accomodations?

We, in CAB, understand that there are students that might need special/accessibility accommodations. If you wish to request for this, make sure to message us at or through our social media. Please make sure to message before the day of the event. 


Where is the CAB Office located?

The CAB space is in the OSI office located in Granite Pass 165. Make sure to set an appointment with our Cabbies or our advisor if you wish to visit and talk about the necessary information. 


When and where are the CAB General Board meetings held?

CAB General Board meetings are held on Mondays at COB 267. If you would like to sit in during our meetings, please message our CAB Advisor or our CAB Director beforehand. However, please be aware that there is information we need can not disclose to the public and you might be asked to move out of the meeting. 

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