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Daniel Orozco

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Major: Psychology

Graduated: Spring 2022

CAB: Fall 2021 to Spring 2022

Committee: Traditional Committee


Other Involvements:

Alpha Kappa Psi (Alpha Gamma Class Liaison)

1. What made you join CAB?

I went to UC Merced during the COVID-19 pandemic, and I realized entering my senior as we came back to campus that I didn't have as many friends. I didn't want to spend my final year isolated, so I wanted to meet new people and get out of my comfort zone. I heard of CAB because of their events, so I wanted to join to be a part of bring back life to campus. Besides wanting to meet new people, I wanted to help other people socialize, make friends, and create memories!

Daniel Orozco | Fall 2021

2. What is your favorite CAB event?

My favorite CAB event was Cowtopia 2022 because I hung out with the Peach Tree Rascals! It was also my last event as a cabbie, so I wanted to make the most of it. It was stressful to set up, and I was put into hospitality, so I wanted to provide the best service for the Peach Tree Rascals. I didn't expect to form an actual relationship with them and learn more about them on a personal level. We hung out, and I drove them around prior to the concert. Whenever I think about college now, Cowtopia 2022 is always one of my first memories.

3. Favorite CAB memory?

My favorite CAB memories was whenever Traditional Committee hung out. It made me feel that I had great genuine friendships with an amazing group of people. It made everything such as working the events a lot better because I realized I was working with friends and not strangers. Some moments I still cherish is dancing and doing karaoke at Jocelyn's (one of our chairs) house, or Yliana and I making quesadillas!

4. What are some skills you learned from being in CAB?

One accountability because if you don't do your tasks at work, it can affect everyone and potentially an entire event. (For example, not filling out PO forms on time!) Two networking because I had to reach out to vendors and other people outside of Merced. Third is time management. CAB took up a lot of my time, so being able to juggle CAB and being a full-time student.

5. What do you do now after graduation?

I recently started work as an Optician at River Oaks Family Optometry. I provide patients with eyewear solutions, how to insert and remove contact lenses, and oversee billing. However prior, I worked at Milwaukee Tools and managed a $2 million dollar account. At the end of the year, it must exceed $2 million! I worked business to consumer and business to business. So essentially, I was an ambassador and let people/businesses know about Milwaukee and their brand.

(Updated as of December 2023)


6. What is some advice you would give someone wanting to join CAB?

Do it! Us as individuals are our only barrier. I initially had my own doubts the summer before joining. Everyone in CAB is so helpful, always learning with you, and they are a support system. To this day after graduation, I still have lifelong relationships that were made in CAB!

7. Future goals?

My future goals include continuing to move onto bigger things!

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