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Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Major: Psychology & Public Health

Graduated: Fall 2022

CAB: Fall 2021 to Fall 2022

Committee: Marketing Committee


Other Involvements:

Alpha Phi Omega (Recruitment Chair, VP of Leadership)

Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning (Assessment Intern)

Dance Coalition (Member)

Kappa Kappa Gamma (Sister)

Nicotine and Cannabis Policy Center (Intern)

Office of Admissions (Student Ambassador)

Pre-Nursing Club (Member)

1. What made you join CAB?

I wanted to get more connected within the UC Merced community. Event planning is something that I enjoy and joining CAB pushed me out of my comfort zone. I enjoyed how there was an organization filled with a group of students that had a passion for creating events that helped the students gain a sense of community and grew closer with the school. I also wanted to meet other individuals who enjoyed that passion that I had for creating and planning events for the school. Attending the events as a student encouraged me to join because I saw how the cabbies would plan the events, interact with each other and it looked like they had a good bond. I thought that joining CAB would help e grow out of my comfort zone.

Gurpinder Bahia | Fall 2021
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2. What is your favorite CAB event?

My favorite CAB event is Cowtopia 2022 because we put a lot of hard work and dedication into the event, and being able to enjoy it at the end of the night is one of the most rewarding feelings. Hosting artists like the Peach Tree Rascals was a memorable experience because we got to hang out and play soccer with them. It was a very unique moment because they were open to exploring and seeing what Merced has to offer. Dancing with cabbies at the end of the night was a special experience as we got to sing along and dance to Peach Tree Rascals and Tinashe's music.

3. Favorite CAB memory?

Every winter CAB hosts a Secret Santa. I loved Secret Santa because it opened all the Cabbies to each other and made CAB feel more inclusive because we were all given random people to give and receive gifts from. During my Secret Santa, the person I gave a gift to didn't really know who she was, but by the end of my time at Merced she became one of my closest and greatest friends. It was nice that everyone got together to destress from finals and to be present with each other.


4. What are some skills you learned from being in CAB?

Some skills I learned are marketing, team collaboration, communication, time management, and networking. I'm passionate about marketing and want to potentially pursue a career in it. It was nice to gain the professional insights of what it is like to create content and how to market and brand yourself. I appreciate my marketing committee for always being open to my ideas and making it a committee where we could all collaborate freely. Another skill I want to touch on is time management. Due to lots of different deadlines, CAB helped me with time management. If you don't reach those deadlines, you have to hold accountability because events could be delayed. It motivates you to put the best effort you can because the events are for the entirety of UC Merced.

5. What do you do now after graduation?

Now I am a Certified Nursing Assistant at Encompass Rehabilitation Hospital. I work with a variety of patients who have suffered from complex orthopedic and neurological conditions to help them obtain their independent mobility back. I also help patients with their emotional and physical needs.

I'm also currently doing a clinical marketing internship with Dr. Dooreck at the Gastrointestinal Diagnostic Center. I am currently doing outreach and making a medical blog to help educate individuals about the importance of digestive health.

(Updated as of February 2024)


6. What is some advice you would give someone wanting to join CAB?

You are your only limit. Joining CAB was one of the best ways to getting closer with the campus and the community. You also learn a lot of professional and personal skills within yourself. You gain the ability to make lifelong friendships within CAB while doing what you love.

7. Future goals?

I want to go into grad school for the 2024-2025 academic year as well as keep traveling the world and doing what makes me happy!

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