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Name: Dylan Jong

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Year: 3rd Year (Junior)

Major: Cognitive Science


ASUCM Campus Activities Board (Large Scale Lead Chair)

Office of Student Involvement (Personal Growth and Transformative Learning Intern)

UC Merced Men's Volleyball Team (Libero)

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center (UC LEADS Scholar)


Hi, my name is Dylan Jong! I am from Fremont, California, and I come from a Malaysian family! I love volleyball, drag race, and League of Legends. 2023-2024 is the third year I will be a part of the Campus Activities Board; I joined in my freshman year back in Fall 2021. I joined CAB to get involved on campus since I was not that involved in high school. This upcoming year will be the second year I am a Large Scale Chair and I am thriving. After I graduate, I want to be happy, make money, and live with my dog Chewwy Mecalina Jelly Jong.

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Secret Santa 2022
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