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Name: Ricky Lima

Pronouns: He/Him/His or They/Them

Year: 3rd Year (Junior)

Major: Global Arts Studies Program

Minor: Management and Business Economics


Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity (Brother)

ASUCM Campus Activities Board (Marketing Co-Chair)

Residence Education (Resident Assistant)


Hello hello! My name is Ricky, and I am one of the Campus Activity Board's Marketing Chairs. I'm from Chula Vista, California which is a little more south of San Diego and quite close to the border. During my own time I like to listen to music, do my makeup, sketch images from my imagination, and be chronically online. In the future I want to be a Creative Director of visual media for businesses, events, and whatever other projects my expertise would be required for!

I hope that with the time here at UC Merced and the Campus Activities Board I am able to develop my skills in media content and creation to take into my future endeavors. With my position I have been able to learn and connect so much with the student body in a way that isn't possible in any other project that I have worked on and will take in my career. One memory that stands out to me in my time with the Campus Activities Board was our spring concert in 2023 where I had the opportunity to be at the very front of the event and be the photographer for P-Lo and Kyle which was frightening but thrilling and I will never forget it.

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Me Again
Me Again
Spring Concert 2023
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