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Pronouns: He/Him/His

Major: Human Biology & Psychology

Graduated: Spring 2022

CAB: Fall 2020 to Spring 2022

Committee: Marketing Committee


Other Involvements:

Alpha Kappa Psi (Secretary)

Kappa Sigma (Career Development Chair)

Professional Fraternity Council (VP of Marketing)

1. What made you join CAB?

I joined CAB because I wanted to get more involved! I felt like I didn't do as much on campus my first 2 years. I was also asked by fellow Cabbie Virginia to join marketing because of my background in film and video. It was cool because no matter what you were doing in CAB, you saw how all the events came together. Also it was cool to work in marketing because marketing is one of the biggest things not just in CAB but in business in general.

Rafael T
Treats N' Beats

2. What is your favorite CAB event?

Treats N' Beats 2021 was my favorite CAB event. It felt like the first big "Welcome Back" event after everything was virtual due to the pandemic. I was able to film the event, and It was really cool to be close up within the event and the artist. It was also amazing to see the set up from us being at Le Grand Lot at 7 AM to being finished with set up by 3 PM.

3. Favorite CAB memory?

My favorite CAB memory was CABapalooza 2021 because I ended up racing other Cabbies in the inflatable obstacle course. I raced Avi, Karla, Juliann, and Daniel! I would lose some and win some trying to prove something to myself.

CABapalooza 2021

4. What are some skills you learned from being in CAB?

I learned being detailed oriented because of marketing. You have to make sure everything is consistent for example fonts being the same on different pieces of marketing material. I needed make sure everything was on theme and that every little detail made sense. I would also say Canva. Due to marketing, I gained a lot of experience with Canvas which I later translated these skills in internships.

5. What do you do now after graduation?

I currently work as a Clinical Research Coordinator at UCLA Health. I oversee an infectious disease trial on anti fungal medication for patients post bone marrow transplant. In this position, I oversee the charts of 24 patients alongside my principal investigator (PI), and we manage and oversee the trial to completion. We coordinate information such as case reports throughout the entire duration of the study as well as follow up periods as needed for the protocol.

(Updated as of March 2024)

6. What is some advice you would give someone wanting to join CAB?

Don't think twice, just do it! Any opportunity to gain exposure to get to know the UC Merced community is a great one!

7. Future goals?

I plan to apply to medical schools this May and hopefully get accepted so that I start in Fall 2025! I plan to do anesthesia or some specialized medicine afterwards!

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