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Name: Yliana Salazar

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Year: 4th Year (Senior)

Major: Cognitive Science


ASUCM Campus Activities Board (Traditional Lead Chair)

Global Medical Training (Vice President)

Merced School District (Substitute)


Hello everyone! My name is Yliana, and I am from Tracy, California! I attended Tracy High School and graduated in 2021. I am currently an undergraduate student here at UC Merced working to obtain my B.S. After I graduate, I hope to go to graduate school and become a Nurse Practitioner. I have always had a passion to work in health care and will definitely be pursuing this in my future! I joined CAB because I was in leadership all throughout high school and this was something I truly enjoyed. I therefore saw CAB as an opportunity to continue to do what I love and to not only continue practicing these leadership skills, but to build on them as well. I also wanted to be involved on campus and make memories that will last far after graduation! My favorite CAB memory is my very first Large Scale event as a general board member: Treats N' Beats 2021. This was my very first Treats N' Beats, and the reason it is my favorite is because this event truly allowed us all to work as a team and build new friendships! My favorite events in CAB that I would recommend everyone to check out is either CABsterical or Treats N' Beats!

Treats N' Beats 2021
Global Medical Training
Traditional Committee 2022-2023
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